Laboratory of research and continuous improvement of  services in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
What is sustainability: The guiding principle of sustainability is CORPORATE RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT, through interconnections with environmental, economic and social issues.


Risk&  Management System

GAP ANALYSIS & GUIDANCE quality management systems (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), safety (ISO 45001) and energy efficiency (ISO 50001), Social Responsibility (ISO 26000), Social Accountability (SA 8000)
-TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE for obtaining the Company Rating as per Article 83 paragraph 10 of Legislative Decree 50/2016
-SECOND PARTY AUDIT  on the value chain to mitigate the risks upstream and downstream (various ISO, ISO 20400, SA 8000, conflict minerals, Responsible Jewelery Council, etc.)
-ACCREDITED THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATION AUDIT  for MS certifications according to the sector requirements (ISO 9001,ISO 14001, ISO 45001 ,ISO 50001 ,SA8000)

Non Financial Reporting & Audit 

– Ethical and Social Report, non-financial in accordance with Legislative Decree 254/13

– EPD Product Environmental Declaration (ISO 14020 Standards)

– Carbon Footprint or Product (ISO 14067)

– GHG Declaration (ISO 14064)


Of Companies had at least one instance of supply chain distruption last year
(Business Continuity Institute)
Of share holder values are reduced by distruption of supply chain
(World Economic Forum)
Of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expecations
Of Buyers don't doing business with a company a after experiencing poor
( Rightnow Customers Experience Inpact Report)
Of Companies do not measure the value created through outsourcing agreements (Deloilte Outsourcing Survey)
Of product in self declarations are not couply with EU regulations
Of customers have put in place processes and structures to make them true risk management leaders
(PWC Risks Survey)
Of Companies agreed that risk to their companies are increasing (PWC Risks Survey)