Laboratory of research and continuous improvement of internal skills and technical services dedicated to the steel processing centers. Within the W.LAB the expertees are grouped vertically on the segment.

Welding Lab

Our Prospect OBJECTIVE are the  Steel processing centers specifically operating:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Structures subjected to significant efforts
  • Chemical Engineering: Pressure vessels, pump casings, valves or piping networks (spool)
  • Civil Engineering: Metal structures supporting buildings, scaffolding or viaducts
  • Nuclear Eng.: Pressure vessels for reactors and pipes
  • Eng. Transportation: Land or naval vehicles
  • Aeronautical Engineering: Supporting structures for aircraft



Technical advice in order to develop new processing and welding procedures as well as implement existing ones.

Training & Competence Assurance 

Tailor Made Training programs, Certifications and Assurance dedicated for steel processing centers as Welders, Welding Operators, Brazers and NDT Operators according to ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A.

Products and Process Certifications regarding voluntary and  mandatory regulations ,  welding process , Metallic Material Certifications , CE Mark for Steel Structures as per  ISO 1090 and  Indipendent Verification Authority 

Business Process Improvements

Is a tailored made solution delivering value add-services , addressing enterprise-wide business problems in a consistent , high quality and cost competitive manner, supporting especially small and middle companies to improve its   Management Systems and obtain  ISO 1090

Business Compliance Assurance

Business Management Systems auditing and Third Party Certification activities through our subsiduary company specialized for the steel processing centers ( ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 3834).  


Providing all the necessary assistance to the companies to manage and operate in compliance with the required specific standards. With the specific knowledge acquired through a real and multi-year practical experience in the various production processes, and through continuous professional technical training. Assistance can be provided as an external welding coordinator as required by the various applicable regulations and regulated in the tasks and responsibilities by the European standard UNI EN ISO 14731.


Execution of non-destructive

  tests on welded structures and pressure equipment through conventional (VT, PT, MT, UT) or advanced (TOFT & Phaser Ray) methods. We also carry out PMI (Positive Material Identification) checks which allow us to know the chemical composition of the material as well as a whole series of other non-destructive tests such as, for example, hardness and vibration analysis.


Of Companies had at least one instance of supply chain distruption last year
(Business Continuity Institute)
Of share holder values are reduced by distruption of supply chain
(World Economic Forum)
Of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expecations
Of Buyers don't doing business with a company a after experiencing poor
( Rightnow Customers Experience Inpact Report)
Of Companies do not measure the value created through outsourcing agreements (Deloilte Outsourcing Survey)
Of product in self declarations are not couply with EU regulations
Of customers have put in place processes and structures to make them true risk management leaders
(PWC Risks Survey)
Of Companies agreed that risk to their companies are increasing (PWC Risks Survey)